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Living across the vast Tehgu fields that join the various realms of The Known, the Kanjiroo are placid and joyful creatures. Found in small herded enclaves, these semi evolved kangaroos were miniaturised during their initial vitiation, and left with many of their forbearers characteristics. They are counted as one of the most peaceful of all the Irikanji, but are also very boisterous in nature.

Kanjiroo are available in a variety of limited pieces, with unique colorways.

Height:5.5cm (2.2”)

Hand cast, painted and detailed resin. All toys boxed.

As each toy is unique, they are sent "blind". If you have a color preference please indicate what this may be at time of order and we'll do our best to fulfil it for you (no promises, depends on stock availability!)


居住在巨大的Tehgu领域,加入The Known的各个国度,Kanjiroo是一种平静而快乐的生物。可找寻于微小的飞地中,这些半演化的袋鼠在其初始阶段被小型化,并遗留下其祖先的许多特征,在所有Irikanji中,它们被认为是最和平的物种之一,但也具有喧闹的天性。