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A pseudo-clave mate of the Joeji, the Vikanji vitiated from its sibling and evolved several attributes for defensive purposes. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as the aggressive looks of the Vikanji belies a quiet and kindly demeanor. As such, the Vikanji is one of the friendliest of all Irikanji - once you get to know them.

Vikanji are available in a variety of limited pieces with unique colorways.

Height:9cm (3.5”)

Hand cast, painted and detailed resin. All toys boxed.

As each toy is unique, they are sent "blind". If you have a color preference please indicate what this may be at time of order and we'll do our best to fulfil it for you (no promises, depends on stock availability!)


Joeji的一个子族,Vikanji从兄弟姐妹中脱颖而出,并因防御目的而演化了多种特征。  然而,外表可能会给人带来假象,因为在Vikanji的侵略性外表之下暗藏着一种安静和善良的态度。因此,在Irikanji中,Vikanji是最友好的物种之一,如果你能进一步地了解它们。